How to grow huge pot plant with ease – News24

By: Sathya Nair | Published: February 06, 2019 08:31:34The giant pot plant (Zz plant) that is popular in India is one of the easiest plant to grow for anyone.

The pot is a big size and it is one with few parts.

So, it can be grown from seed as well as growing out of the ground.

So it is an easy plant to plant in any climate.

If you want to grow it indoors, it is possible to do it.

Here are five tips for growing this plant in indoor environment.

Step 1: Start with a pot with a seedling cuttings and roots.

Step 2: Cut a plant to length and leave the roots and cuttINGS behind to make it taller.

Step 3: Cut the roots to the right size and leave them alone.

Step 4: Cut off the leaves from the plant and place them in the pot.

Step 5: Let the pot dry out.

Then, use a plastic or glass container to put the plants inside.

Step 6: Carefully place the plant in a pot and cover it with a layer of soil.

The soil should be as thick as the pot itself.

Step 7: Let it sit for at least a month before you begin to plant it.

It takes time to grow the plant, so you should plant it every two to three months.

This will give the plant time to develop and develop the roots.

It should grow up to about five feet tall, but it can grow up into the house.