What to know about the ‘CB2’ plant pot that’s being used to help treat concussion symptoms

In October of 2017, the Buffalo Sabres were in Denver for the 2018-19 season and had just finished up their first full offseason training camp.

After the preseason was over, Sabres general manager Tim Murray announced that the club had signed veteran defenseman Mark Barberio to a two-year contract extension.

While the news wasn’t widely known, a plant pot would be used as a makeshift helmet, as the Sabres were about to find out.

The plant pot was designed by former Sabres head coach John Tortorella and first used in October of 2016.

The pot was first used for training camp in April of 2017 when it was put in the stands for practice.

The plant pot became a mainstay of the Buffalo bench during the season and became a symbol of the team during the playoffs.

It became a permanent fixture at practice during the 2017-18 season and would become the centerpiece of the Sabres’ practice facility in 2018-2019.

Since its debut in May of 2017 in Buffalo, the plant pot has been used for both practice and games by the Sabres.

In addition to being a symbol, it has been an effective tool to help the team get through games and practice.

While the plant is a temporary addition, it is a permanent part of the practice facility, as Tortorelli would go on to say during the 2016-17 season.

The first season of the plant was a success for the team and they quickly won the AHL’s Calder Cup championship in 2016-2017, as they won the first three rounds of the playoffs and advanced to the Memorial Cup final.

In the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Sabres swept the Boston Bruins in five games in six games to advance to the first round.

The second season of Buffalo’s plant is not so successful.

The team went 7-8-1 during the first season and went into the first four rounds of last year’s playoffs, but they lost to the Detroit Red Wings in five.

In the 2017 playoffs, the team lost the first two games of the series to the Red Wings, but it did come out on top in the next two games.

The first game of that series was a shootout loss that was decided by the final minute of regulation.

In game four, the Red Wing comeback in overtime was rewarded with a shootout win for the Sabres, as Ryan Miller scored the winning goal with 7:15 remaining.

The final two games were also shootout losses, with the Sabres losing in five, but beating the Boston Red Wings 7-5 in overtime.

The fourth season of Sabres’ plant, however, is the most successful.

The team has won the Calder Cup twice and reached the Western Conference finals once, but only reached the Eastern Conference semifinals once.

The Sabres are currently a perfect 10-0-0 all-time against the Boston Boston Bruins.

The Buffalo Sabres are the NHL’s youngest team.

They are still young, but have the potential to become the league’s best.

It will take time, but the Sabres have the right mindset and the right players to succeed in the NHL.