When the marijuana plant was first planted in a pot farm in Colorado, it had a plant named ‘Pineapple Plant’

Posted September 30, 2018 07:16:16The Pineapple Plant was the first plant planted in the marijuana farm in rural Colorado that has since been sold to a Denver-based medical marijuana dispensary.

The pot farm was named after the pineapple tree that grows on the property.

The Pineapples first batch was bought by a Colorado company, Grower’s Market, in early August, according to the Denver Post.

The plant is currently being grown by Colorado’s first legal marijuana growers, Rocky Mountain High Intensity, under a $4.5 million contract with the state.

The plant’s name was inspired by the name of a Native American Indian tribe in Oregon that was named Pineapple Tree.

The Pineapple tree, also known as the Pinyon Pines, is also known for its ability to produce pineapple and apple seeds, the Post reported.