How to Make a Pottery Doll with Porcelain Plant Pots

The process of creating a pottery doll was one of the most common tasks in porcelaine, and now it’s possible to do it in just a few steps. 

You’ll need: a pottery base.

Step 1: Take the base material you’ll be using and paint it on a piece of paper or cardboard.

You can either use a clear base for the doll, which has a glossy surface, or you can use a darker base, which is usually more reflective.

Step 2: Paint the doll with a clear paint.

Step 3: Remove the base and lay it on top of the pottery. 

Step 4: Now paint the doll in a different shade of paint, such as gold, brown, or grey. 

The painting should look similar to this.

Step 5: The finished product will look similar, except for the paint.

You will need to apply it to the doll. 

To make sure the paint is on the doll properly, apply a coat of glue.

This will ensure that the doll has a shiny surface and the glue will adhere to it.

Step 6: Place the doll onto the base.

It’s important to note that you can also place the doll on a pot with the base on top.

You can do this, too, but it’ll be a bit more tricky, as the doll will have to be supported by a little bit of weight.

Step 7: Put the doll into the pot.

This part is optional, but makes it easier to clean up after the doll is in the pot, so be sure to do so.

Step 8: Add a few drops of liquid soap, which will give the doll a slightly glossier surface.

Step 9: Repeat steps 3-7 until all of the paint has been applied.

Step 10: Sprinkle a little more liquid soap on top and add a little extra glitter to make the doll look even more stunning.