Queensland’s ‘magic’ pink pots and pot plants are selling at record prices

Brisbane’s “magic” pink pot plants can be found selling for $3,000 to $5,000.

Queensland has become a centre of the purple pot trade.

But the purple plant pots are not the only things selling at a premium.

Rising interest in the purple crop means the value of purple pot pots has increased dramatically.

“People are looking for the same thing.

They’re looking for something that has a very distinctive colour, a very unique smell and it’s also a very easy to grow plant to harvest,” said the chief executive of Purple Pot Pots, Cathy Smith.

She said people were now looking for purple pot plants because of the quality and colour.

A purple plant grows in Queensland.

This purple plant can be used for food or cosmetics.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Smith said the purple pots were the most sought after and were also being grown in the United States and China.

Ms Smith said the price of purple pots had risen to more than $100,000 and the market had become so big she could not even keep up with the demand.

Purple Pot Pests is now operating in four locations in Brisbane, but they have not yet grown into a fully operational business.

The Queensland government has started phasing out the use of copper pots in the state.

Plants are being grown indoors and outdoor in a way to ensure there is no pesticides being used.

We are also growing the purple plants outside in containers to avoid pests, pests are becoming very big in Queensland and the Queensland government is doing a lot to reduce them, Ms Smith said.

Pesticides are being phased out from purple pot crops in Queensland, but Ms Smith would not give details on how much of a price increase there has been.

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