Small plants and pots in pots

This article is part of our weekly series on small plants and small pots.

It looks at how we create pots and pots for our home and garden.

Find out how to create your own small plants from this week’s tips.


Use a ceramic tile or metal surface to create a small pot.

Use this method to create the base of your terracotta pot.


Paint your pot with the same colour you use for your other plants.

This technique will help it look more natural and more attractive.


Paint a base coat with the paint you’ve used to paint your other pots.

This will make your pot look more sturdy.


Use clear plastic for your terrace and fill the terrace with plants.

The plastic will protect the pot from rain.


Place the terracotas on top of the pots to make the terraces look larger.


Use the same method for the terraced plants as you would for a pot.

This makes them look even bigger.


Fill your terraced pots with the plants that are closest to the pots, such as plants close to the top of your pots.


Paint the plants with clear plastic to create their own unique look.


Cover the edges of the terracing with plants to create decorative accents.


When creating a terrace, draw the plants closer together to create an even surface for your plants.


Add decorative elements to the terratas, such an artful flower arrangement.


Add plants to the sides of the pot so they look like they’re going up a hill.