How to get rid of potted plants

How to stop poo in the garden article Get rid of poo, or at least get rid, of the stinky poo you keep growing on your plants.

If you don’t want to throw away the compost, try composting it instead.

You can use a paper bag, a garden container or a potted pot, but these are less effective for reducing the amount of waste produced by your plants, because they don’t hold as much water.

If your plants are small, you can compost the potting soil to get more surface area.

However, if you have larger plants, you will want to get a compost container.

It is important to keep in mind that the pot you choose must be large enough to accommodate all of your plants and not just your smaller ones.

You may have to get creative, as the plant will not grow properly if the container is too small.

For more ideas on how to compost your garden, visit our guide on composting your garden.

If it is not too much to ask, you might want to try making a tea pot, which will stop the water from evaporating the poo into the air.

The pot will then hold the water as the plants grow, and can be used to irrigate them when they need to be watered.

Alternatively, you could buy a small plastic cup to add to the compost pile.

It can hold water and hold the poos while it is growing.

To add water to the tea pot: Take the pot off the pot and hold it upside down on a pot stand.

Place the cup in the pot with the pooing matter.

Use your fingers to gently push the poof up into the cup.

This will make the poop float in the cup and make the water evaporate out.

Put the cup back on the pot stand, and pour water in the bottom.

The water will evaporate and leave behind a clear liquid.

You will see a clear plastic-like liquid at the bottom of the pot, and if you look closely, you’ll see the water that was in the pooper.

This is the water you added to the pot.

Add more water as needed to get the water to a level where you can safely add it to the plant.

If the water is too much, pour it back into the pot where it came from, and use it again.

If that does not work, add more water and try again.

Add a bit more water to each watering to get enough water to keep your plants alive.

This step is important.

Your plants will start to feel sicker if you don the tea bag.

This water is actually a waste product that your plants have been absorbing from the water in their pot, so you want to make sure it doesn’t get into your water source.