Marijuana is the new black

The government is putting its stamp of approval on marijuana, and it’s doing so with a new brand.

The federal government says it’s the first country in the world to introduce cannabis-based products in the marketplace.

The Cannabis Act was introduced last October, and its intent is to allow people to grow and use cannabis products without the need for an excise tax.

The act allows for medical marijuana and hemp, and allows people to purchase and grow their own marijuana.

Under the new legislation, people can buy, sell, grow and possess cannabis, and to grow, sell and purchase cannabis.

The new legislation also allows for production, importation, transportation and possession of cannabis products.

The minister of finance has promised the government is not going to charge any additional taxes on cannabis products and that it won’t impose new taxes on Canadians.

There will be no increase in excise tax on marijuana products.

This is because the government has not made any assumptions on what prices will be, said Finance Minister Bill Morneau in a statement.

Morneau also said he was confident in the ability of Canadians to use the new products and have a successful experience.

“I have no doubt that the marijuana market will continue to grow in Canada and that consumers will continue buying cannabis products as well,” said Morneau.

“This government is committed to helping grow the market, and we are ensuring the supply chain works with Canadian farmers and consumers.”

In addition, the government says cannabis products will not be taxed.