Trump administration’s ‘snowballing’ of green energy is killing it

The Trump administration is turning a blind eye to the rising cost of green power sources, including solar and wind power, in the United States and is putting off approving new renewable energy projects in favor of more expensive, older energy sources, the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday.

Trump is “snowboarding” green energy in favor in states where it costs less, a move that “will be a big setback to the progress that the agency has made in protecting public health, the environment and jobs,” according to a summary of a draft of the White House’s green energy strategy. 

The Trump administration has previously indicated that it will roll back the Obama-era green energy rules and make green energy sources harder to obtain in states that don’t have them. 

Green energy is one of the Obama administration’s main pillars of its “pivot” to clean energy, which President Trump called “America’s clean energy revolution.”

Trump has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions, slash regulation and put the United Nations on notice of climate change.

The White House said the draft document will be published to the public on Thursday. 

“This draft is intended to provide a framework for policy makers and regulators to identify ways to accelerate the pace of change in the use of renewable energy in the U.S.,” the EPA said in the summary. 

President Trump has said that he wants to “get rid of all the regulation” of fossil fuels and has also said that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and should be regulated. 

In December, the Trump administration said it was moving ahead with a rulemaking to make solar panels more affordable for people who live in states with no federal solar energy tax.