What’s a potty? | Marijuana, pot, potty, pot

A potty is a place to rest, clean up, and relieve yourself.

In a pinch, a pot might be your best friend.

When it comes to pottying, there are many shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is a seat that goes up.

Most of the potty pots you see in your local bathroom have seats up in the middle of the bed.

Some of these seats are larger than others.

Here are the most common types: a stool.

A stool is a stool that goes on top of the toilet.

It’s usually on the bottom and is designed to be reclined.

The stool is typically up against the toilet, facing away from you.

A double-pile stool.

These are often double-sided, with the stool facing up and the toilet facing down.

A toilet seat can also be a double-faced stool.

Sometimes you’ll see them folded up like a teddy bear.

A squatting stool.

Another common type of stool is one that’s designed to sit on the floor or the ground.

It has a horizontal or vertical seat that’s attached to the top of it.

A wide variety of shapes are available for this type of potty.

A kneeling stool.

This type of toilet seat is often placed on the ground and is usually placed a bit further back than the stool.

It also has a seat attached to one side of it and is often used for sitting.

Sometimes a potting mix is used instead of a seat.

A sitting toilet seat.

These toilet seats can also have a seat, but they are designed to have a higher seat height and are usually attached to a toilet seat and not a stool or stool cover.

If you have a toilet that’s too high, you can use a pot to help you get it down.

The size of the seat depends on the size of toilet.

The bigger the toilet the more it’s going to take to get to your pot.

A narrow seat.

If your toilet seat isn’t wide enough, you may have to use a bit of rope to attach the seat to the toilet or tie a string to the seat.

Another option is a bowl or pot that has an opening in the center that’s wide enough for the toilet to sit in.

Sometimes, a piece of toilet paper is put over the seat so it can be folded up when the seat is in place.

A long seat.

This is the seat that can be attached to an open toilet or other structure to help get your toilet out of the way.

It can also provide some relief for you to get out of bed and into the shower.

Sometimes it’s a seat on a chair that can stand up and sit on a table.

A large toilet seat may be attached on a bed frame.

Sometimes this is a toilet you’ll have to put on a stand to get up.

A seat on the wall.

These can be used as a seat for a bed, toilet seat, or a wall decoration.

A chair.

These aren’t often used as toilet seats, but can be useful for a sit-down toilet.

You may see these in bathrooms, guest rooms, and kitchens.

Some people may be able to use them for sitting, so they’re usually placed on a wall.

A big toilet seat in the living room.

This toilet seat typically sits on a large sofa or other high-backed object, like a chair.

You’ll usually see them in living rooms, bedrooms, and other large spaces.

If the toilet seat doesn’t have a bowl to sit inside it, you’ll usually need to use some sort of cover to sit there.

This can be a pillow, a towel, or something similar.

This seat is usually up against a wall, so it’s not a good place to have an open shower.

You can often use this toilet seat as a bathroom mirror, but if you’re not going to shower, you might consider making your own cover.

A small bathroom mirror.

These often come in handy for someone who needs to take a bathroom break during a busy day.

You might find this toilet to be convenient for a few moments when you’re trying to shower.

This kind of seat is a little small, so if you have one sitting in your bathroom, it’s unlikely that it’s really going to be a good choice for a regular bathroom.

A tall toilet seat with a cup.

These toilets have a cup in the top that’s sitting in the front of the bowl, so when you take your shower you’ll feel like you’re in the shower, but you’ll be able grab a seat or something to sit down.

You usually have to make your own cup to put the toilet bowl in, but sometimes a bowl will work.

A bucket or bowl.

This cup-shaped toilet seat usually has a bowl inside the cup.

This could be a large tub, a toilet, a shower, or anything else.