How a beautiful gold plant pot became a viral video game plant

In February 2018, an American woman named Kaitlin McCrory found a plant pot in her mailbox.

It was just sitting in her house, with a few tiny leaves poking out of the pot, and she figured she’d make it a plant she could plant and enjoy the flowers.

“I had never had a plant before,” McCrories told The Washington Post.

“I knew I wanted something special.

And it was this gold plant, and I just started taking pictures and taking pictures.”

Her mother, Kim McCrady, had already heard about McCrorie’s plant pot and had a similar idea.

She took the pot to a local nursery, and the owner, Karen McLean, took it to her husband, a retired accountant.

“She was kind of taken aback, like, ‘Oh, wow,'” Kim McCrackys said.

“And I was like, well, you know, this plant, you can use it.

I think she was excited by the idea.”

The plant was named after McCrry’s mother, a petite black cat, who had passed away in February of that year.

McCracy said her mother’s ashes were still there, so she thought it might be nice to share the plant pot with the world.

“So we just started making the little little gold leafs and everything, and we were just amazed at how popular it was,” McCracky said.

McCrory was not the only one excited by her idea.

The day after her mother was buried, McCrills was taking photos of the plant she had found.

“It was like I was on the cover of Time Magazine,” she said.

After a year of posting photos of her creation on Instagram and Snapchat, McCrackies decided to put the plant in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It went on to become one of the most-liked photos of that day on Instagram, and it went on Twitter as well.

McCrory was able to get the plant to the Guinness World Records in the same year she set it on fire.

The plant is now one of McCriders most-trafficked images, and McCracks hopes to do something similar for the future.

“We want to create a plant that people can really enjoy and that’s really important to me,” McCryds said.

McCrackys plan to use the plant as a way to bring the world closer together.

“The more people who see it, the more people will share it,” she told The Post.

“We want people to be able to share this plant with others, so people can share the beauty of this plant,” she added.

“So that’s the purpose behind it.

We want people, especially younger people, to see this plant and be inspired to love it.”

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