How to Make a Snake Plant Pot with the Potted Plant Tattoo

In many ways, snakes are an odd choice to plant pots for a snake plant tattoo.

If you’ve ever seen a snake tattoo, you know that snakes are not usually the plant you plant the plant on.

Instead, you often plant snakes on the outside of pots and then put the plant’s leaves in the pot to make it look like it’s a snake.

The problem is that snakes don’t like plants and plants don’t seem to like snakes.

It’s a bit like having a big house built on top of a giant snake.

The problem with this plant design is that it can be difficult to tell if you’ve made a snake pot or not.

In fact, it is impossible to tell at first if a snake’s leaves are on your snake plant.

Even if you look closely, you can still see the leaves.

If you plant snakes, you’re likely to find that the plants aren’t all that bright.

You can make your snake pot a little more interesting by using some of the plants colors.

Here’s how you can add a little snake to your snake design.

You’ll need: 1-2 snakesYou’ll also need: 3-4 plants that you can put in your snake designsPotting soil, a pot, or a bucketThe snake plants, when you plant them, will either grow in the same direction as you plant or slightly away from the direction you plant.

For the snakes, the directions are the same, just different directions.

If you plant some plants that are very far apart, you may need to add a plant that is slightly closer to the snake.

To make the plants look snake-like, plant a plant with dark green leaves.

You’ll want to plant the plants in a pot.

It’s best to plant plants with dark greens, but if you can’t find plants with bright green leaves, you’ll want dark green pots.

If the plants are in the exact same direction, you should plant the snake pot in the direction of the snakes’ direction of movement.

If your snakes are in different directions, you won’t need to plant them in the correct pot.

You may want to leave the plants a bit more open so that the snakes can see where they’re going.

You may also want to make your plants look a little different.

For example, if your snakes will be in the middle of the pot, plant some snakes in the opposite direction.

For this project, I decided to plant a snake in the center of a pot that has a large snake’s head sticking out.

I made a pot out of a plastic bucket that has snakes sticking out of it.

When I plant a new snake, I like to plant snakes in a little bit of a different direction from where the snakes are going.

I’ll make a pot so that it has snakes on both sides of the snake, and I’ll plant snakes at the end of the plant.

I plant snakes a bit farther away than I plant the other plants.

I also plant snakes near the pot.

I hope you enjoyed this project!