When you think the Google Glass glasses thing isn’t cool, you’re probably missing the real reason it’s so awesome

Ars Technicos title The Google Glasses: Is Google’s new headset worth the $1,000?

article Posted September 21, 2018 07:02:31Google is reportedly considering a new headset that would combine the functionality of Google Glass and the Google Assistant, and it sounds like the glasses could make the leap into wearable computing.

The Glasses are set to go on sale in the US in December, and according to reports, Google is preparing a headset that combines the capabilities of Google’s Glass and Google Assistant.

We can see a pair of Glasses with a headset inside of Google Assistant’s Assistant app.

The headset would likely be a pair that attaches to Google Glass with a special, Google-branded adapter that’s attached to the headset.

It would have the Google glasses-style design and be compatible with the Google assistant.

Glasses would be paired with Google Assistant by way of a Bluetooth-enabled charging adapter, and the headset would function as an accessory to the glasses itself.

If Google Glass had an integrated Google Assistant app, the headset could potentially work with Google’s other apps, including Maps, Photos, and Google Now.

Google Glass is also said to be working on new versions of its existing apps that will support Glasses.

If Glasses were to be combined with Google assistants, they could use voice commands to control them.

It sounds like Google is working on a headset similar to the Apple Watch that could work with the existing Google Assistant functionality.

It’s unclear whether Google is looking to combine Glasses and Google assistants together in the near future.

Glass could make a good wearable computing platform.

There’s a reason Google has been looking to bring its augmented reality headset to market since it first launched the Glasses in 2015.

The Google wearable has made a big splash in the tech world, with its own smartphone apps that allow users to interact with the glasses, as well as a dedicated Android app.

It has also been used to help users navigate through the internet, and its voice commands make it a smart home speaker.

The glasses are also good for learning, because the glasses can track your movements and translate them into words.

It could also help you learn about what you’re looking at, which is helpful if you want to get a better grasp of what you’ve seen on a screen.